Machinarium review


Published & copyrighted by Amanita Design

Machinarium, an enthralling point-and-click adventure game crafted by the Czech Republic's Amanita Design studio, whisks players away into a mesmerizing world of machinery. This demonstrates that video games can truly be considered a form of art, as they are capable of delivering captivating narratives without the need for spoken words, by leaning on powerful visual storytelling and expressive musical scores.

The Graphics

The visuals in Machinarium are truly remarkable. The hand-drawn art style breathes life into the mechanical world, with meticulous attention to detail in every scene. From rusted gears to towering structures, each aspect contributes to creating an atmosphere that’s both eerie and fascinating. This unique aesthetic complements the game’s narrative perfectly, immersing you in its dystopian universe.


The gameplay of Machinarium revolves around solving puzzles and interacting with various elements within the environment. As the protagonist robot, Josef, players must navigate through different levels using logic and creativity. There are no instructions or pointers; instead, players have to rely on their intuition to progress. Despite this challenge, there is a hint system accessible at any time for those who may get stuck.

Replay Value

Machinarium provides limited replayability due to its narrative-focused, straightforward gameplay.Once you complete all puzzles and uncover every secret, there isn’t much reason to revisit it apart from experiencing the beautiful artwork and soundtrack once again.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Machinarium stands out as an exemplary adventure-puzzle game with its captivating hand-drawn graphics and challenging gameplay. Even though its replayability might be limited after completion, the journey it provides is certainly worth your time and commitment.


  • Immersive and unique hand-drawn graphics
  • Intriguing, dialogue-free storytelling
  • Challenging puzzles that test your logic and creativity
  • An emotive soundtrack that adds depth to the gameplay experience
  • A hint system that aids players when they get stuck
  • Engaging protagonist with a compelling backstory.


  • Lack of replay value upon completion of the game
  • Pace of gameplay might feel slow for those who prefer fast-paced games
  • The game’s length may seem short to some players considering its price point.