Project Makeover review

Project Makeover is an engaging mobile game that perfectly blends the elements of fashion, interior design, and puzzle-solving into one captivating package. As a player, you're tasked with the mission to help virtual clients improve their appearance and environment through a series of makeovers, all while navigating through an array of exciting match-3 puzzles. It's an addictive game that puts your design skills and strategic thinking to the test.


Upon first experiencing Project Makeover, the strikingly vibrant and colorful visuals immediately capture your attention. The characters are beautifully animated with distinct looks that truly reflect their personalities. The design elements, from the clothing options to the interior decor, are detailed and aesthetically pleasing. The game's visual appeal adds to the overall gameplay experience, making it a visual treat for the players.


The gameplay of Project Makeover is split into two main components. The initial element entails finishing match-3 challenges to accumulate coins and stars that serve as currency for the renovations. Employing strategic thought is essential in conquering these tough puzzles. The second part involves the actual makeovers, where you get to decide on the fashion and design choices of your clients. This facet of the game is immensely gratifying and provides ample opportunity for creative expression.

Replay Value

Project Makeover captivates players through its compelling storyline, an array of unique characters, and an ever-growing selection of fashion and decoration options, which collectively foster a gaming environment that encourages repeated play. As you progress to higher stages, the complexity of the match-3 puzzles increases, guaranteeing that the game continues to be engaging and enthralling. Moreover, the ongoing influx of fresh content from the creators ensures that the game remains engaging and invigorating.

Bottom Linne

In conclusion, Project Makeover is a highly engaging mobile game that beautifully combines fashion, decor, and puzzle-solving.Every fan of mobile gaming should experience this game, featuring breathtaking visuals, demanding challenges, and a strong incentive to play again and again.


  • Stunning and colorful graphics
  • Engaging and addictive gameplay
  • A wide variety of design and fashion choices
  • An evolving storyline with unique characters
  • Freedom of creativity in performing makeovers.


  • The game can be too challenging for some players
  • The game requires a stable internet connection to play
  • There can be longer waiting times for certain game updates.