The House of Da Vinci review

The House of Da Vinci

Published & copyrighted by Blue Brain Games s.r.o.

The game House of Da Vinci provides a captivating adventure in puzzle-solving, immersing participants in the extraordinary world of the renowned Italian polymath Leonardo Da Vinci. Embark on an expedition brimming with amazement and exploration. Crafted by Blue Brain Games, this title offer an engaging and captivating experience that fuses historical, scientific, and artistic components in a manner seldom seen within the world of video games.


The House of Da Vinci boasts impressive 3D graphics that showcase the grandeur of the Renaissance period. The game beautifully captures the intricate designs of Da Vinci's inventions, his workshop, and the various artifacts that litter his study. Every scene is elaborately detailed, offering a vivid and engaging gaming atmosphere that authentically resurrects the world of Da Vinci.


The gameplay of The House of Da Vinci is both challenging and enjoyable. Players are tasked with solving a series of intricate puzzles that are often based on Da Vinci's own inventions and designs. The game encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving, as the solutions to the puzzles are rarely straightforward. Incorporating a distinctive time-travel feature introduces an additional dimension of intricacy to the gameplay, further enhancing its captivating nature.

Replay Value

Despite the game featuring a linear storyline that may limit replayability, its complex and difficult puzzles provide ample incentive for puzzle aficionados to play it again. The compelling storyline and the satisfaction derived from cracking complex puzzles can entice players to experience the game more than once.

To Summarize

In summary, The House of Da Vinci stands out as an enthralling game that masterfully merges aspects of historical events, artistic flair, and scientific principles. Despite a few minor flaws, it offers a captivating and profound gaming experience that will surely bewitch both fans of puzzles and connoisseurs of historical themes.


  • Unique and engaging storyline based on the life of Leonardo Da Vinci
  • High-quality 3D graphics that beautifully capture the Renaissance period
  • Challenging and intricate puzzles that encourage innovative thinking
  • Immersive gaming environment with meticulous attention to detail
  • Incorporates a unique time-travel mechanism
  • Historically accurate, providing an educational experience
  • Excellent sound design that enhances the overall gaming experience.


  • Lack of high replay value due to its linear storyline
  • Some puzzles may be too challenging for casual gamers
  • The game is relatively short, providing only a few hours of gameplay.