Hello Neighbor review

Hello Neighbor

Published & copyrighted by tinyBuild

Hello Neighbor is an intriguing game that combines stealth, puzzle-solving, and a sprinkling of horror. Developed by Dynamic Pixels and brought to market by tinyBuild, this distinctive game situates you within a seemingly tranquil suburban setting that conceals an unexpected twist. Your mission is to stealthily infiltrate the abode of your mysterious neighbor with the objective of discovering concealed secrets without being noticed. The game promises an immersive experience filled with suspense and mystery. The question is, does it deliver? Let's delve deeper!


The first thing that stands out about Hello Neighbor is its quirky, cartoon-like graphics. The game features a unique visual style that is colorful and vibrant yet eerie at the same time. The surroundings are intricately crafted with abundant details, enhancing the allure of investigating your neighbor's home. The designs of the characters are equally remarkable, particularly that of the neighbor, who manages to be genuinely disturbing. The game's visuals effectively establish the mood and ambiance, providing a charming yet eerie graphical style.


Regarding the gameplay mechanics, Hello Neighbor offers a combination of sneaking around undetected and solving intricate puzzles. You need to sneak around, hide in closets or under beds, and use various items to distract your neighbor. The AI is quite innovative, learning from your tactics and adapting accordingly, which makes each stage challenging. The puzzles are intricate and require thought, but they can sometimes be frustrating due to a lack of clear instruction. Despite this, the thrill of sneaking around and the satisfaction of solving a puzzle make for a compelling gameplay experience.

Replay Value

Hello Neighbor offers a reasonable amount of replay value. The AI's ability to adapt to your strategies ensures a distinct experience with each playthrough. Furthermore, the puzzles are complex enough to warrant multiple attempts. Nonetheless, after deciphering every enigma and revealing every hidden detail, the game offers minimal motivation to engage in another playthrough. The absence of multiple endings or different paths to take is a missed opportunity that could have significantly enhanced replayability.

Bottom Line

Hello Neighbor stands out as a distinct and captivating experience, providing an innovative approach to the stealth gaming category. The quirky graphics, challenging AI, and intricate puzzles provide a captivating experience. Nonetheless, the game would improve with more straightforward instructions and enhanced replay value. Even with its imperfections, the game merits an attempt by anyone in search of a unique stealth gaming experience.


  • Unique and vibrant graphics
  • Challenging AI that adapts to your strategies
  • Intricate puzzles that require thought and strategy
  • Immersive atmosphere with a mix of suspense and mystery
  • Gameplay that offers a mix of stealth and puzzle-solving
  • Well-designed environments with a lot of details to explore
  • Engaging storyline that keeps you hooked until the end.


  • Gameplay can sometimes feel repetitive
  • Absence of multiple endings or different paths
  • Some minor technical glitches and bugs.