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DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is a riveting mobile game that rekindles the spark of the acclaimed anime series within a handheld platform. Packed with recognizable characters, engaging narratives, and thrilling confrontations, this game stands out as an essential experience for DB enthusiasts and also provides an ideal starting point for individuals who are just starting with the series


The game magnificently showcases the vibrancy and dynamism of the Dragon Ball universe. The characters are brought to life with exceptional detailing that stays true to the anime series. The combat sequences dazzle the eyes, boasting spectacular special effects that infuse the gameplay with an additional thrill. The game features meticulously designed and varied landscapes, contributing to a feeling of expansiveness and diversity within the overall gaming experience.


DRAGON BALL LEGENDS combines elements of RPGs and fighting games to maintain player engagement. The interface is intuitive, featuring a touch-based combat mechanism that's straightforward to grasp but challenging to fully command. The game incorporates a strategic layer to combat through the implementation of a card system. There is a story mode that follows an original narrative, introducing a new character to the Dragon Ball lore. Additionally, you can engage in PvP battles against other players worldwide, raising the stakes and competitiveness.

Replay Value

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS has significant replay value. Its PvP mode offers endless competitive play, while the story mode has multiple sagas to keep you engrossed. Additionally, the game consistently rolls out updates that introduce fresh characters, events, and narrative segments, guaranteeing a constant stream of novel content to discover.


Overall, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS delivers a thrilling gameplay experience that appeals to both longtime enthusiasts of the Dragon Ball franchise and newcomers alike. The remarkable visuals, captivating gameplay, and ongoing enhancements distinguish this game as a prominent entry in the mobile gaming landscape.


  • Stellar graphics that bring the Dragon Ball universe to life
  • Engaging gameplay with an easy-to-learn, touch-based combat system
  • Strategic aspects through a unique card system
  • An original story mode that expands the Dragon Ball lore
  • A competitive PvP mode for testing your skills against players worldwide
  • Regular updates that introduce new content and keep the game fresh
  • High replay value with endless possibilities for battles and progression.


  • Requires a stable internet connection to play
  • Some players may find the card system confusing at first
  • Occasional lag issues during PvP battles.