Reddit Reinvents Its Awards System: Exciting Changes and New Features

  • 18-05-2024 |
  • Polad Aladi

Reddit has once again revived its awards system after discontinuing it last year. This comeback brings fresh design and user-centric updates, ensuring the platform stays engaging and expressive for its community. Reddit’s first earnings call as a public company paved the way for this relaunch, offering a hopeful glimpse into the platform’s commitment to user experience.

The mainstay mechanisms of the awards system remain unchanged, preserving the familiar aspects that users loved. However, new additions include a redesigned awards button and a leaderboard spotlighting top-awarded posts and comments. These changes intend to enhance visibility and interactivity, making the experience more rewarding for both creators and their audiences. The update signals Reddit’s ongoing dedication to maintaining an invigorating community space.

Interestingly, this revamp follows Reddit's previous experiment with “Golden Upvotes,” which fell short in user satisfaction. Unlike the simple golden upvotes that lacked expressive value, the reintroduced awards provide a more nuanced, fun, and clear way for users to show appreciation. The system allows users to buy “gold” to give awards, with various packages available to fit different budgets. This approach adds a tangible reward mechanism that aligns closely with user preferences.

To ensure the safety and appropriateness of awards, Reddit has introduced several protective measures. Awards are now disabled in NSFW subreddits and those dealing with trauma and addiction support, as well as other subreddits containing mature content. Furthermore, users can report awards to prevent misuse, ensuring a safer and more respectful environment. These safeguards highlight Reddit’s efforts to maintain a positive and supportive community atmosphere.

Complementing the return of its awards system, Reddit’s community rewards program has been extended to 35 countries. This initiative encourages valuable contributions by compensating top users, further enriching the ecosystem. With these latest updates, Reddit demonstrates its commitment to celebrating creativity and fostering global engagement. The reintroduction of the awards system is more than a mere relaunch; it signifies Reddit’s strategic efforts to enhance the user experience across its vibrant communities.