How to Get Pristine Hide in V Rising: Comprehensive Farming Guide

  • 05-06-2024 |
  • Austen Fowler

Diving deep into V Rising can be exhilarating, especially when hunting for precious resources like Pristine Hide to craft superior gear. This article will walk you through the steps to efficiently farm Pristine Hide, a crucial component for crafting Dawnthorn Armor and progressing through Acts Three and Four. Follow these steps to master the art of gathering this elusive resource.

1. Understand Pristine Hide Drop Sources

Understand Pristine  Drop Sources

Pristine Hide is a rare, late-game resource introduced in version 1.0 of V Rising. To gather it effectively, you need to target specific enemy types. These include:

  • Werewolves
  • Lurkers
  • Cursed Wildlife (like cursed wolves)

You will primarily encounter these enemies in the Cursed Forest, although some may occasionally appear in the Dunley Farmlands. It’s important to note that while Cursed Wildlife might drop Thick Hide instead, Werewolves and Lurkers are much more reliable sources for Pristine Hide.

2. Target Werewolves for Maximum Efficiency

Werewolves are generally easier to defeat and are more centrally located on the map, making them an ideal target for farming Pristine Hide. You can find Werewolves primarily in the Dunley Farmlands region, especially at night. While you might encounter some randomly as you explore off the beaten path, the most efficient method is to head to a specific spot where they spawn frequently.

Best Locations to Find Werewolves:

Gracefall Village is the prime spot to farm Werewolves as they constantly appear in this area. Here, you can gather a large amount of Pristine Hide in a relatively short time. Do be wary of Wilfred the Village Elder, a powerful enemy residing in Gracefall Village. If you accidentally provoke him, you can escape the village to drop aggro.

3. Lurkers as an Alternative Source

While Werewolves should be your primary target, Lurkers can also provide a steady supply of Pristine Hide. These menacing creatures are also mostly found in the Cursed Forest. Though they are slightly tougher to battle compared to Werewolves, they are still a reliable source for farming. If for any reason, Werewolves are proving difficult to locate or defeat, turning your attention to Lurkers is a fine alternative.

4. Converting Pristine Hide into Pristine Leather

Converting Pristine into Pristine Leather

Once you’ve managed to collect enough Pristine Hide, the next step is to refine it into Pristine Leather. This is done at the Tannery using Mutant Grease. However, to unlock the recipe for crafting Pristine Leather, you must first defeat the V Blood Carrier Ben the Wanderer, who roams the Cursed Forest. Defeating Ben the Wanderer will grant you the blueprint for Pristine Leather, allowing you to proceed with crafting essential gear.

5. Utilization: Crafting the Dawnthorn Armor

The primary use of Pristine Leather is to craft the renowned Dawnthorn Armor. This armor set is crucial for tackling the advanced stages of V Rising, providing the necessary protection and boosting your stats for fighting higher difficulty bosses in Act Three and Four. Besides Dawnthorn Armor, Pristine Leather also plays a role in crafting items like Bat Leather, Cloth, and special constructions such as the Anatheum.

Below is a step-by-step guide to craft Dawnthorn Armor using your freshly made Pristine Leather:

  1. Accumulate sufficient Pristine Leather.
  2. Head to your crafting station eligible for armor creation.
  3. Select the Dawnthorn Armor pieces you wish to craft.
  4. Ensure you have all other requisite materials.
  5. Craft each piece one by one.
  6. Equip your newly created Dawnthorn Armor and prepare for high-level encounters.

6. Tips and Strategies for Farming Efficiency

Tips and Strategies for Farming Efficiency

To maximize your Pristine Hide farming efficiency, here are a few additional tips:

  • Time Your Hunts: Werewolves appear more frequently during the night. Plan your farming sessions accordingly to take full advantage of their spawn times.
  • Travel Prepared: Ensure you have a robust build and adequate resources to heal and sustain your character during prolonged farming sessions.
  • Know Your Exits: Familiarize yourself with the map and have quick escape routes in case you accidentally provoke powerful enemies like Wilfred the Village Elder.
  • Team Up: If possible, farm in a group to distribute the battle load and clear enemies faster.


Gathering Pristine Hide in V Rising may seem daunting at first, but with the right approach and knowledge, you can efficiently farm this valuable resource and progress through the game with confidence. Remember, targeting Werewolves is generally more efficient, and once you've converted Pristine Hide into Pristine Leather, you'll be set to craft the powerful Dawnthorn Armor. Happy hunting, and may your journey through V Rising be paved with success and glory!