Among Us review

Among Us

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A New Wave in Social Gaming

Among Us has soared in popularity, capturing global attention and becoming an integral element of gaming culture.Released by InnerSloth in 2018, this online multiplayer game allows groups of 4 to 10 players to participate in a game filled with deceit, collaboration, and doubt. Located in a cosmic setting, participants are split into two factions – crew members and deceivers. Crewmates must uncover the impostors and accomplish various assignments spread across the map, whereas the impostors aim to covertly undermine these efforts without disclosing their true nature. This exciting premise has drawn players from all around the globe, ingratiating itself in the hearts of many.

The Pitfalls and Peaks of Among Us

Although Among Us has garnered significant praise, it is not devoid of flaws. One of the significant issues faced by players is the lack of additional maps and modes that could add variety to the game. The three maps provided, though varied in layout, become repetitive after prolonged play. In addition, the lack of a friend system within the game poses challenges for players who wish to consistently interact and play the game alongside their friends.

On the other hand, Among Us excels in its simplicity and engagement. The rules are simple and clear, allowing newcomers to quickly grasp how the game is played. The game thrives on the unpredictability of human behavior, which makes each round of play unique and exciting. The cartoonish design and vibrant colors appeal to a wide demographic, making it a universal hit. Besides, the cross-platform play between PC and mobile users enhances accessibility, enabling anyone with a smartphone or computer to join the fun.

Players’ Impressive Impressions

User feedback for Among Us is predominantly favorable. Despite its simple graphics and gameplay, the game earns praise from gamers for its ability to bring together both friends and strangers in a thrilling battle full of enigma and excitement. The social interaction aspect of the game, where players discuss their suspicions and deduce the impostors, is a huge hit among players.

Nonetheless, a number of players have expressed their apprehensions regarding the insufficiency of stringent oversight, which occasionally leads to unruly conduct within the game. They have expressed a desire for better tools to report and deal with such incidents. Even with these challenges, the general agreement is that Among Us delivers an entertaining and captivating experience that consistently draws players back for further gameplay.

To sum up, Among Us proves that a game can captivate a devoted audience without relying on sophisticated graphics or intricate mechanics. Thanks to its straightforward concept, captivating social dynamics, and compatibility across multiple platforms, the game has successfully established its own unique space in the realm of gaming, even in the face of some deficiencies.


  • Encourages Teamwork
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Cross-Platform
  • Enhances Communication Skills
  • Fun and Engaging
  • Low System Requirements
  • Offline Mode Available.


  • Toxic Behaviour
  • Limited Maps
  • Cheaters
  • Lack of Progression System.