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Space Zombies Invasion

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Welcome to SZI Space Zombies Invasion. In this game, you control a human who has to dodge zombies and fight vs aliens. Now you must find the talisman pieces to save humanity... Get resources, build houses, drive cars, resolve puzzles and enigmas, play minigames & survive!

Your first mision is to find the Space Agency, you have a map but the Space Agency is not marked on it. You can get help from a fortune teller but you will have to find her first.

There are 6 enormous maps: The city, villages in east, west, south, north and the alien planet.

You can drive cars but can only if these cars have their keys and you have got fuel from any gas station.

If you want to build your own houses you have to farm resources and save them in your inventory, when you have your house, save the items into your chests, but remember your house also can be attacked by the zombies.

You will have to resolve puzzles and riddles to travel from one village to other. In the villages you will find others secondary missions
to unlock other funny minigames and to have access in this way to the shop where you can get weapons, ammo and medical kits.

Travel across the stars in a spaceship level, then go the the Alien planet, kill to the Alien boss and go back to Earth with the talisman pieces!


Space Zombies Invasion Space Zombies Invasion
Space Zombies Invasion
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