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NAR - Not Another Royale

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NOT ANOTHER ROYALE (NAR) is an action loaded multiplayer shooter with several different game modes.

NAR - Not Another Royale stands out with its many different game modes. The player spawns with a random character into the game. The variation of the different characters can be increased by achieving goals.
Each game mode has its own targets, which bring the player closer to victory.

In addition to the well-known Battle Royale mode, the player can play a Team-Deathmatch, contest a Search & Destroy match or simply shoot a few zombie waves in Zombie mode.

Choose a character and start the battle. Win the matches and unlock more characters and skins to differentiate you from the others.

Weapons can be equipped with different attachments. So equip your weapons and adapt them to the situations. Change the accuracy, the recoil, the magazine capacity or the zoom range.

Increase the chance of survival by protecting your two most sensitive body parts. For upper body and head you can find equipment in 3 quality levels. The higher the quality level, the higher the damage absorption. In order to have enough space for ammunition, medicine and weapon attachments, it is necessary to carry a backpack. The capacity of the backpack depends on its level. The higher the level, the more you can carry in it.

Vehicles are available in some game modes. Big game maps often require a fast move on the game world, but be warned, you're not always lucky enough to have a working vehicle on your way.

Your main target in every game mode is to stay alive. Therefore, it is always important to keep track of the life bar. If you are wounded or fall too far, you will notice that the life bar is decreasing. You can use medicine to regenerate your life. The different medical items have different effectiveness.

Collect your points and unlock different skins to beautify your character.

The core mechanics of the game NAR are already developed and implemented.

  • Movement
  • Health-/Damage System
  • Weapons
  • Inventory/Equipment
  • HUD

Weapons Shooting System: Each weapon has its own characteristics and behaves differently in aiming than in the hipfire. Values include:
Precision, Firerate, Recoil, Scattering and much more.

Good character control and movement is very important for a game. Especially when it comes to a shooter.

In a multiplayer shooter, every second counts, so the handling of the inventory is kept very short.

Here you can see some gameplay footage:

If the item is better than the currently equipped one, the equipped item is automatically replaced. The Auto-Equip-System makes the game flow more convenient.

Test the game mechanics in a zombie mode and get a picture of them yourself.

Game mechanics and the game modes are basically already been developed. The implementation of multiplayer mode also works:

The main topics I still have to work on are implementing the network on dedicated servers, detailed work on maps, replacing placeholders such as: Animations and sound effects.


NAR - Not Another Royale NAR - Not Another Royale
NAR - Not Another Royale
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